Advancements in Neuroscience technology will be presented to viewers by Rob Lowe, host of “Informed”.

The advancements being made in the field of neuroscience are the reason that we are experiencing a point in human history where almost anything is possible. The benefits of advances in neuroscience have a wide range that span from drugs designed to ease painful memories and drugs designed to prevent diseases from even occurring that were once incurable.

One of the most profound advancements is the development of a portable brain scanner, which allows patients to move around instead of having to remain perfectly still while 3D images are taken of their brain. Physicians are able to use software which enables them to create 3D models of the brain that lead to better diagnoses and much better treatment. Current stem cell technology is allowing physicians to properly identify molecular differences between healthy cells and diseased cells. This identification provides the physicians with the ability to target the treatment needed for a variety of neurological diseases.

Make sure to tune into this episode from “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, distributed to PBS Member Stations if you want to learn more about Neuroscience.

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