Building Mobile Applications for Businesses is the focus of the latest episode from the “Informed” series, hosted by Rob Lowe.

Mobile applications have dominated the scene since the smart phone and device revolution that began in the mid 2,000’s. There is an application for almost anything you can think of from tracking your sleep patterns to providing a daily horoscope. Most users would find it hard to get through a day without their applications because they make daily life so much simpler and more pleasurable. Life before applications is almost incomprehensible now, especially for the younger generations that were born into the digital world. The question now becomes how do you integrate the resourcefulness of mobile applications into a business tool that will help a company grow and improve the overall business structure of the company? The right mobile application could literally mean the difference between the success of a company or its failure.

Tune into Public Television PBS Member stations, which the “Informed” series is distributed to, to get an inside look into the industry of Mobile Applications for Businesses. Rob Lowe will be your guide into this relatively new industry.

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