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The History of British Royalty

According to USA Today, PBS has renewed Victoria, a series about the British queen, for a second season.  The ratings for the series are higher in its first season than another PBS hit, Downton Abbey, which is saying a lot because I really enjoyed Downton Abbey tremendously and am equally excited for another season of Victoria. See story below:

Based on the popularity of these shows, Informed, hosted by Rob Lowe, has begun development on a series for PBS member stations on the history of British royalty.  We are excited about this project and look forward to distribution later this year.

The Importance of Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace


Informed, with Rob Lowe, has released a segment on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  Please check out the segment distributed to PBS Member stations in all fifty states.

Efficient and Luxurious Passenger Transportation

The production crew for “Informed” will be traveling to India this week to gather footage for an upcoming spot featuring the manufacturing process of large scale buses and what differentiates efficient and luxurious passenger transportation from standard methods. Upon completion, the segment will be hosted by Rob Lowe and will be distributed to PBS member stations early this Fall.

How Biotechnology is Transforming the Medical Community

The production crew will be traveling to California today to gather footage for an upcoming segment on biotechnology at universities and how they are transforming the medical community with their research on vital organs. Filming will wrap this weekend and Emmy Award Winner, Rob Lowe, will host the show in the latest segment of “Informed” created for Public Television.

How Important is Punctuality in Japan?

The newest “Informed” segment to air will discuss the long-term history of punctuality in Japan that has now segued into modern day Japan. In 2015 there was a study done where not one but two of Japan’s airports were the world’s most punctual in 2015… and it doesn’t stop at flights, they’re trains are some of the most punctual in the world, too. Want to know how and why? Be sure to tune in to find out.

What Makes or Breaks A Meal?

You know what can make or break a meal after slaving away in the kitchen? Spices. The latest “Informed” segment hosted by Rob Lowe features sit-downs with culinary experts that discuss how spices can take your meals from bland to gourmet with both essential and exotic spices from around the world.

Energy Management with Smart Home Technology

The production crew for “Informed” is back from California today after gathering footage for an upcoming PTV spot that highlights energy management with smart home technology. The “Informed” team is reviewing b-roll and interviews to create an enticing educational piece for audiences across the country.

How Innovation is Changing Surgeon’s Performance

Today’s operating rooms look more like a robotics lab than a place to do surgery.  That’s because robotic assisted procedures are the biggest surgical trend since laparoscopy was invented.  Watch “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, to learn just how this innovation is changing the surgeon’s performance and a patient’s recovery for the better.