Craft Distilling is going to be the subject of focus for Rob Lowe, host of “Informed”, in the series newest episode.

Rob Lowe has brought his talent and experience from the big screen to the small screen as the host of the educational series, “Informed”. This educational series takes a look at the topics that affect modern society the most, from healthcare to technology.

Although craft brewing has had notable popularity in many other countries, it has really exploded in the United States within the last 15 years. The next phase in the craft distilling market is for the art of craft liquor distilling to explode into the market. In the last two years 1,500 craft distillers broke into the market, also known as the craft spirits movement, and have grown by leaps and bounds since. The craft distillers have thrived because they have given their customers what they want: providing locally made liquors that can only be produced on a limited scale with no mass production. The American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA) actually has a rule set in place that forbids craft distillers from being controlled openly by a large supplier.

Tune into this latest episode for a look into the growing market of craft liquor distillers and the experts behind the movement. Rob Lowe hosts this latest episode from “Informed”, distributed to Public Television PBS Member stations.

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