Custom Instrument Design will be the focus of the latest segment to be hosted by Rob Lowe from “Informed”.

Those television viewers seeking uncompromisingly intelligent programs will be happy to learn that the newest episode of “Informed” will very soon be hitting the screen. The staff that produces this award-winning series is a combination of expert videographers, writers, and directors. Host Rob Lowe will be your guide into discussions with leaders of multiple high-profile industries.

This episode will be focused on keeping the general public abreast to the newest innovations that affect society. One example of that is the subject of this episode, custom instrument design. The processes used by experts to make instrument design more dynamic will be explored by “Informed”.

Regardless of the fact that this program is educational, no prior knowledge of instrument design is necessary to enjoy and understand the program. This is due to the fact that “Informed” has the ability to keep the programming well grounded.

“Informed” will be distributed to public television as well as PBS Member stations across the country.

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