“Informed”, hosted by Hollywood actor Rob Lowe, is covering the topic of Country Club’s in the latest episode. 

Country clubs have their origin in Scotland before they began to appear in the United States in the early 1880s. Between 1880 and 1930, America’s upper-class elites were founding country clubs across the nation.It wasn’t long before country clubs were considered to be the “essence of American upper-class”. Country clubs are considered to be the precursors to what has become the modern day gated community. Country clubs in the United States are private, exclusive memberships offering to those willing to pay access to private golf courses, tennis, and swimming. Along with offering a variety of sports to members, most modern day country clubs also act as private neighborhoods that surround the golf courses. The United States is the world leader in the abundance of country clubs as well as the often strict requirements for membership. The oldest country club in the US is the Philadelphia Cricket Club, and is also considered to be one of the most exclusive clubs in America.

“Informed” is an educational series, hosted by Rob Lowe, that is provided to Public Television PBS Member stations.

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