Organic Farming is discussed by Rob Lowe, host of the educational series “Informed”, in the series’ latest episode. 

Organic farming began to gain popularity early in the 20th century as a response to rapidly changing farming practices. These changes in farming practices were primarily in response to the increasing demand on farmers because of the rapidly growing population. Organic farming has many restrictions on crop growing, which primarily focus on not using synthetic materials such as pesticides on the crops. This method of farming prohibits the use of genetically modified organisms in any of the processes for growing crops. The standards for organic farming are internationally regulated and legally enforced by nations around the globe. The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement, the organization that has set forth the standards that these nations follow and enforce. The organic farming market has exploded into a $63 billion industry worldwide.

The verdict is still out on whether or not organic farming has benefits that far outweigh the practices of modern farming. Rob Lowe, host of the educational series “Informed”, will be presenting to viewers the opinions from both sides of the spectrum on this expanding industry. “Informed” is distributed to Public Television PBS Member stations.

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