Rob Lowe hosts a new “Informed” piece on Advancing Women in Business

Rob Lowe is hosting an interesting and timely show titled “Advancing Women in Business.” According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the percentage of women actively contributing to the workplace is phenomena. Women provide a vital service in society and their contribution to their community and country is oftentimes overlooked, and swept under the floor. Rob Lowe will bring out the importance of women in the workforce, what resources are currently available, and how women who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs can get assistance.

Female business women, especially those in leadership positions increase financial performance, and outperforms their counterparts. According to SC Johnson College of Business, enrollment in MBA degree classes among women have increased by 4% in the previous year, and enrollment is expected to be even higher in the years ahead. Rob Lowe will address the role of women in managerial positions, particularly minority women. Some of the most successful 500 fortune businesses in the world are under the leadership and guidance of women.

Women make their own mark in society. However, with support from community workers, mentors, schools, and family, women can make the transition into power easier, and less strenuous. Many businesses are accepting the professionalism, complexity and diversity women bring to the table. To show their support, many companies are more family friendly, and they welcome women into a world that was once male oriented. Rob Lowe encourages everyone to air their voice, ask questions and make influential suggestions.

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