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Drone Dialogue

What is a drone?

How and why are they manufactured? How long until every industry uses this technology? These questions and more will be addressed on camera in the latest series of “Informed” hosted by world re-known actor, Rob Lowe. The pieces will air on PBS member stations nationwide next year.

Counterfeit Capers

In an effort to spot counterfeiters passing off goods that can undercut prices, the newest series of “Informed” will feature companies that are suing AI to spot fakes and register complaints to make sure consumers aren’t getting ripped off. Hosted by Emmy Award Winner, Rob Lowe, this series will air on PBS member stations nationwide in the Winter.

Back from Rome

Back from Rome, the production crew for “Informed” gathered footage for an upcoming segment featuring the Trevi Fountain. The piece will be hosted by Emmy Award Winner, Rob Lowe, and will debut to PTV and PBS Member stations nationwide.

Using Advanced Agricultural Drones for Sustainable Farming

In an effort to maintain sustainable farming, many farmers are turning to new skills and techniques to minimize their ecological footprint. This week’s segment of “Informed” will document how agricultural farmers are using advanced agricultural drones to increase production and monitor their crops. This piece will be hosted by Emmy Award Winner, Rob Lowe, and will debut to PTV and PBS member stations across America.

Death and Taxes Guaranteed

They say there are two things guaranteed in life; death and taxes. The latter is a part of everyday, but when it comes to planning our funeral, it’s one of the biggest events in life that many people often neglect until it’s too late, leaving their loved ones to carry the burden. This week on “Informed” we sit down with financial planners that discuss strategies that can help our families and us with funeral planning. The segment will be hosted by Rob Lowe and distributed to PBS Member stations.

“Informed”, hosted by Hollywood actor Rob Lowe, is covering the topic of Country Club’s in the latest episode. 

Country clubs have their origin in Scotland before they began to appear in the United States in the early 1880s. Between 1880 and 1930, America’s upper-class elites were founding country clubs across the nation.It wasn’t long before country clubs were considered to be the “essence of American upper-class”. Country clubs are considered to be the precursors to what has become the modern day gated community. Country clubs in the United States are private, exclusive memberships offering to those willing to pay access to private golf courses, tennis, and swimming. Along with offering a variety of sports to members, most modern day country clubs also act as private neighborhoods that surround the golf courses. The United States is the world leader in the abundance of country clubs as well as the often strict requirements for membership. The oldest country club in the US is the Philadelphia Cricket Club, and is also considered to be one of the most exclusive clubs in America.

“Informed” is an educational series, hosted by Rob Lowe, that is provided to Public Television PBS Member stations.

Daylight Saving Time is the topic of interest on the latest episode of “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe. 

Daylight saving time (or DST for short) is the process by which clocks are moved forward one hour in the beginning of spring. The reasoning behind this shift in time is that it provides the traditional business people an extra hour of daylight at the end of a workday as well as saving on power consumption because of the “extra” hour. The United States began observing DST in 1918, but stopped after the war until the energy crisis of the 1970’s when they began to use it again. Those regions that observe DST are actually in the minority as the Asian and African continents do not observe the shift in time. DST faces much opposition and many nations are pushing for its use to be discontinued. The original reasons for DST allowed it stay lighter out longer when people were awake so less energy was consumed lighting homes and businesses. In today’s world there is no shortage of electricity and the way in which buildings are illuminated, heated, and cooled have changed.

Join host of the “Informed” series, Rob Lowe, as he explores the facts behind daylight saving time. “Informed is provided to Public Television PBS Member stations.

Homeschooling is the topic of discussion in the newest episode from the “Informed” series, hosted by Rob Lowe. 

Many parents choose to go a less traditional path in their children’s education and have them homeschooled. Homeschooling can be beneficial to those families that live in very rural areas of the country where the nearest school could be a significant distance away. This method of teaching allows a one-on-one experience that can be very beneficial for some students. It can be very easy for a student to get lost in the system of traditional education if they can’t get the attention they need to succeed. Homeschooling can also be helpful in saving a family money on school supplies that can become very costly, especially when a family has multiple children. On the flip side, homeschooling a child can make it difficult for them to get the social interaction that is crucial when growing up. Homeschooling may also limit a child’s chances of getting into college as it’s more difficult for states to monitor the standards with which a student is being taught when they aren’t in a traditional school system.

This episode with discuss the benefits and drawbacks of homeschooling students. “Informed” is an educational series that is dedicated to providing the American viewing public with the most relevant and important topics that affect society today. “Informed” is provided to Public Television PBS Member stations.

New Segment Regarding Children with Autism

Renowned actor, Rob Lowe, lent his talents to an educational series distributed to PBS Member stations, Informed. It is the goal of Informed to educated the Public Television audience on a variety of topics such as Environment, Education, and Medicine to name a few.  Currently, the Informed series is in post-production on a segment regarding children with Autism.  The series will interview families, educators and medical professionals on the topic.    According to the USA Today below, Sesame Street has recently introduced a Muppet with Autism.



Organic Farming is discussed by Rob Lowe, host of the educational series “Informed”, in the series’ latest episode. 

Organic farming began to gain popularity early in the 20th century as a response to rapidly changing farming practices. These changes in farming practices were primarily in response to the increasing demand on farmers because of the rapidly growing population. Organic farming has many restrictions on crop growing, which primarily focus on not using synthetic materials such as pesticides on the crops. This method of farming prohibits the use of genetically modified organisms in any of the processes for growing crops. The standards for organic farming are internationally regulated and legally enforced by nations around the globe. The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement, the organization that has set forth the standards that these nations follow and enforce. The organic farming market has exploded into a $63 billion industry worldwide.

The verdict is still out on whether or not organic farming has benefits that far outweigh the practices of modern farming. Rob Lowe, host of the educational series “Informed”, will be presenting to viewers the opinions from both sides of the spectrum on this expanding industry. “Informed” is distributed to Public Television PBS Member stations.